Zoe Duff


Psst....Guess What?!?!?!

The big news is that I have retired from my long-time day job early and am having a complete blast doing all the things.

I've been working on a podcast called Don't Say Maybe since mid-2020.  In my now 10 episodes, I talk to other people who seem to accomplish their goals effortlessly.  We find out that they have had barriers and obstacles.  They share with us their ways and means of making life work.  We chat a bit most recently about the impact of pandemic lockdowns and what we are doing to keep focused and appreciate the silver lining of the gift of time to do things we normally would be too busy for and take the diversion as a chance to redirect ourselves.   I have at this point over 250,000 listens to those few episodes.   Check it out.  It is everywhere that podcasts are found.

A few months later, I thought I'd try my hand at live streaming on a platform called Twitch in addition to the podcast work.  I began by streaming myself playing an online game called Age of Empires II on Sunday nights while chatting with viewers about life, relationships, polyamory, and writing.  I developed a bit of a following and learned stuff.   In November 2020, and did a 24hr live stream which was restreamed also live to YouTube.   This was an online conference called PolyCon 2020, and we had various wonderful folks Zoom in and present, discuss and share on various topics.   It was a crazy amount of work, but I had lots of help and very patient guest speakers.  The viewership was good, and the chat comments were very attentive to the presentations.  I learned a lot about troubleshooting tech and other issues.  Since then, I have added regular Tuesday night streaming another online game called Among Us and actually play with my viewers.  In February, I added another evening and am doing a Thursday night Writers' Open Mic where we have guests Zoom in and read their work or viewers submit their work by text, and I read it for them. I'm continually inspired and intimidated by the greatness of other people's work.  These streams are recorded and uploaded to YouTube to promote local writers.  The viewership is in the thousands on some of these streams, and I have over 2000 followers.   

Since retiring in December, I've also been editing, formatting and facilitating the publication of new titles by Ron Kearse (Ex Animo), Kama Tarumi (The Power of a Flowering Cactus, Erotic Short Stories, and Erotic Tales) and RP Mickelson (Stone House).  I'm just now working on Dreaming Gods of Gaia by Cherokee Freedchild.   I enjoy working with tenacious writers.  

AND....I've been working on completing my creepy novel called Why? , a collection of poetry called  UnTethered and two new kids' books in my Class Menagerie Series. Never a dull moment and so much fun.  Check my Patreon page and subscribe for new episode details and book launch advanced notifications.  Click the button below.  Oh and check out the swag